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    Online Trainer Academy Review

    Online Trainer Academy Review 

    Hi Everyone, Tom Taylor from CT Strength, and this is my Online Trainer Academy Review.  

    After 27 years as a Personal Trainer I needed to move away from the billable hours model of trading time for money.  I knew I needed to start working on growing my online training business.  Mine is an active retirement plan where I can work from anywhere, when it’s convenient for me, and still support my family.  Working within the typical model, I was worried about clients cancelling, and having to work whenever a client wanted to train vs. working when it was best for me.  I once lost 75% of my one-to-one in person training in one month due to a horrible coincidence of several clients having to move out of state for their careers.  It was the universe telling me I needed to take my business online.  

    I have been following Jon Goodman for the last few years and consuming all the information he was putting out: his blog posts, books, videos, Facebook groups, and more.  I had tried other systems and followed other peoples advice, only to find that after months-and years-later I was in the same place suffering from paralysis by analysis.  I had come to trust Jon implicitly and decided to commit to The Online Trainer Academy, the first and only certification for online training.  And I did commit, to do the work, study hard, and follow the course.  
    One of the things that stood out to me was hearing Jon say something to the effect of, “If you don’t have at least 1 year of experience training clients in person, don’t enroll in The Online Trainer Academy.”  It was refreshing to say the least.  The Academy is not some miracle cookie cutter system that promises you the world; it is a course which teaches you how to do anything you need to start, or grow, an online training business yourself.

    When I decided to enroll in the course it was a significant investment for me, but I kept thinking, “If not now…when?”  

    The biggest, most memorable things I’ve learned from the Academy are how to determine:

    *Exactly who you are as a trainer and what you want to offer;

    *Exactly who is your target audience, how you find them, and get them to train with you;

    *Exactly which systems to use to provide the highest level of service to your clients.

    The Academy teaches you all of this (and more) through easy to understand lessons delivered through a combination of the textbook, workbook, videos, and assignments.

    Had I not enrolled in the Online Trainer Academy I would still be making lists, trying to figure out how to make this online training dream a reality while spinning my wheels.  

    Since graduating from the Academy my business is growing, and I have the skills and confidence to handle the growth.

    If you are serious about online personal training, whatever that looks like to you (hybrid training, one on one training, small group training, corporate fitness, whatever your vision is) I highly encourage you to invest in yourself by enrolling in the Online Trainer Academy.


    Certified Online Trainerhttps://pts.samcart.com/referral/kcDxjKMw/6jpCAqxOwtqUYjX7